I think it’s over

You guys…I think I’m going to quit my job 😰 I’ve been thinking it over and over for just about 2 weeks and I’ve finally come to a decision. I think.

I’ve been praying so hard about this and have been getting signs all over the place. I keep seeing things that talk about not being afraid and going after what I really want πŸ€” I believe all those signs were from God. I wasn’t getting a lot of response through Him talking to me in prayer so He gave me signs instead.

He knows how nervous I am to make that next step and to actually tell them I’m quitting, but He’s trying to give me the courage with those signs. He wants me to know to trust in Him and not be afraid to quit and get what I really want in life – what He actually has planned for me.

I’m really nervous and afraid to hear the responses, but I’m choosing to put it in God’s hands and being done with it. I’m going to continue to pray and hope for the best πŸ™

A Sign

You wanna know something interesting? I think God was trying to work in His mysterious, but not so mysterious way today. So I just returned back to work from maternity leave that started December 11th and I’ve been having negative thoughts about my job for about a week or so. I was really debating on quitting because there are a lot of changes happening and I don’t know if my position is secure and just the hiring and firing of employees lately…it makes me a little nervous, you know?

Well today, manager pulled me aside to let me know that I have the opportunity to be promoted soon and will be able to accompany him to jobsites and he’ll help me learn how to read blueprints. I think this whole conversation my manager and I had was God giving me a sign. I didn’t know if I want to stay at my job and I was looking for some sort of answer and then this happened today.

God works in some pretty crazy ways. I text Jeremy soon after and let him know what happened and he agreed that it may be good to stick around a while longer. I think, well I know, that God is protecting me and telling me that I have more growing to do in this company by having my manager tell me that.

God only wants what’s best for us. Sometimes the answer He gives us is not always the answer we want, but it’s the right answer. God would never steer is wrong. Sometimes He’ll let you get your way for a little bit, but then you start to realize it was wrong and put your trust back into His guidance 😊

Talk to God, friends. Let him know what you’re struggling with, which He’ll already know, but tell Him that you need His help. Put whatever it is into His hands and don’t think about it anymore. God will figure it out and you will be satisfied with the outcome He gives you ❀


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It’s Alright…

“It’s alright to be human.” This is the first sentence for today’s devotional out of Jeremy’s devotional book (we decided that I should be reading them as well, which I’m glad we did πŸ˜‡).

This sentence got me thinking about being human and how we try to have a relationship with such a divine and powerful God. Sometimes we let that intimidate us and we have a hard time creating or maintaining a relationship. I think that others see the power of the Lord and try to be too good…you know what I mean? Trying to be free of error and sin, but God is now telling you it’s alright.

It’s fine to be human. God made us in His image and He knows everything about us – all of our secrets, wants, needs, what our life will turn out like, everything. God is telling us that everything’s fine and He forgives and understands us. You didn’t pray yesterday? That’s alright, God understands human nature, but try to get around to it today. You get distracted during prayer? That’s alright, God knows, try to refocus your attention back to Him. All the while, don’t get upset with yourself because God knows we aren’t perfect. We’re human.

We all have flaws and some of us more than others when it comes to God. Sometimes we just don’t take the time like we should and give thanks, offer any prayer, or just take some silent time to reflect. God understands, He is a powerful God, but He is also an understanding and forgiving God πŸ’•

Take pride in being human and understanding that your mistakes are what make you, you. Don’t get angry with yourself. God created you this way and He loves you. Believe when He says that it’s alright to be human. ❀

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Some Time to Reflect

This time at home with Briella has allowed me to really focus on my life and start to take into consideration what God wants me to do. I’ve been off of work since December 11th, when I went in for induction, and don’t return until January 29th. I’m starting to understand Briella’s schedule better, at least the one she’s on right now because I know it’ll change again πŸ˜₯, which allows me to get a little me time and focus while she’s napping.

Yesterday was the first day in a while that I did yoga and meditation. I used to do it every day – I love it, it keeps me centered. If I could recommend anything, it would be that you try out yoga! I’m no expert and a good amount of what I do is stretching, but the breathing with it is πŸ‘Œ Add some meditation after and you’ve got yourself set for a good day or a good night’s sleep 😁

Anyway, doing my yoga and meditation helped me talk to God a little bit and try to figure out what it is that He wants me to do. I feel like I’ve been at a stand still for a while. I haven’t been talking to God as much and lately, all of my time is being given to Briella. I’m not mad about that at all, I’m trying to take it all in before I head back to work, but I haven’t been giving any time to God.

I’m slowly trying to get back to where I was with God and then push it a little further. He’s blessed me so much lately and I need to go back to Him ❀

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New Mom Alert

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but God has had me so busy in so many other directions that I’ve lost site of this blog :/ However, God has given me inspiration to begin another blog based on my life now, as a new mom! (I had my daughter on December 14 😊)

I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Maybe even share it yourselves 😊

I just started the website yesterday, so there’s only one post up currently, but I’m working on more and plan to post every day.

God has blessed me with such a beautiful daughter, who came early, and was healthy none the less. I want to share my experiences and just day-to-day things that happen with Briella considering the fact that I am a first time mom.

I have a lot of learning to do right along with my daughter, but I’m so excited for this journey and I know God is guiding me every step of the way ❀

Please check it out and share!


Guidance pleaseΒ 

Goodness! Where have I been for the past almost 8 months?! I’ve missed blogging so much and I seriously think it’s having a negative effect on my life ☹

So much has happened since my last post, I don’t even know where to begin..

  • Moved out of our apartment into a house back in my hometown
  • Oh, Jeremy and I found out we’re expecting a baby girl at the end of December
  • New job 
  • Old friends
  • New chapter

Moving back to my hometown was something I never wanted to do, I always thought there was nothing here for me anymore. Well, God proved me wrong, I found a pretty great job that finally has set hours and I’m working with great people. Oh, and the pay isn’t too bad either πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ

Jeremy and I found out we’re expecting a baby girl at the end of December. Definitely not part of the plan, but we are so excited for this blessing none the less and our families couldn’t be more supportive. I guess God’s guidance back to my hometown ended up making sense.

However, I’m really having a hard time this week…and the past couple weeks to be completely honest. The transmission in my car is starting to go out, we were in the process of getting new carpet, and money is just sitting, waiting to go somewhere. It’s starting to stress me out and make me insanely uncomfortable. We need new carpet. I need a new car (I’m not fixing it considering I needed a new car by next month anyway). I need help. 

I feel so far from God after moving and I’m struggling so bad to try and get back to Him. Please, please, please pray for me. I could definitely use it so I can find my guidance back. I hate being lost like this and starting to feel overwhelmed. 

I know God didn’t abandon me, but I’m struggling to find His love and guidance. 

Pray, pray, pray

Because it’s time to be happy

Good afternoon beautiful people β„πŸŒž I woke up this morning feeling pretty bad. I slept for about three hours, got up for one hour, then back to sleep for nine. So about 12 hours give or take. That’s a bit much and I’m not quite sure why I was so sleepy, but I woke up a little panicked. My neck was killing me and I couldn’t seem to breathe and everything seemed to be fast motion. I’ve never experienced anything like this and it was scary 😳

I prayed shortly after getting up for some guidance through this feeling, put my Crest whitestrips in, and hopped in the shower. I figured the stress relief body wash I needed so bad from Bath&Body Works would help some…it didn’t. I also tried some breathing exercises and yoga to balance back out – it helped a little.

I prayed some more, got some coffee (notice the straw in the picture because everything was out of order considering my whitening this morning πŸ˜‚), sat by the window, and thought of God and His plan. This is when everything began to relax.

I don’t know what it was this morning, but I know God was with me. I know He heard my first couple prayers, but then the feeling wouldn’t go away and I was taking it out on Jeremy and Zeno and I knew I needed some fast action. God guided me to get coffee, because when doesn’t that help β˜•, and told me to park it by the window and cool out. I did, began to feel relief, and decided I needed to take a picture of me happy because the feeling was gone 😊

God is here for us every day and wants us to feel good. Pray to Him as much as you want because He loves hearing from you. Talk with Him, thank Him for the day. Give some sort of notice to God because He deserves it and your day isn’t so busy for a quick “Thank you for everything today” prayer.

Be happy today friends, you’re seeing another day of God’s greatness 😁